I wanted to thank you so much for the three excellent shows that you did for us during our 2008 Model Year Release Full Metal Attraction event. On Friday night we had the private party for our H.O.G. (Harley Owners Group) members and you had the volunteers ‘under’ in a hurry. The volunteers were then asked to do numerous things and almost immediately the audience was falling out of their seats with laughter. I heard nothing but positive things from all of the attendees. They thanked me for having such a memorable event.

For the shows that we had for the general public on Saturday and Sunday we had quite a crowd develop for both shows-as word had gotten around quickly that your show was quite funny. On both days we again heard nothing but positive things from the customers who watched your show. Also, I would like to mention that there was no inappropriate humor at all. In fact, the show was tailored to fit right in with the Harley-Davidson crowd.

I appreciate the fact that you had all of your own equipment and had a great support staff that you brought with you to make sure that everything ran smoothly. I know that one of the big stressors at events that we run is talent that we hire in for the events. I have to say that we were able to relax and enjoy the show along with everyone else because you had everything under control. We also liked the DVD copy of the show that was sent to us after the event. It was an extremely nice touch and very well done, also!

For anyone that is thinking of hiring in Pattie for an event, please know that she is EXTREMELY easy to work with and will work with you in every way possible. In these times-that is a rarity! I would wholeheartedly recommend Pattie to anyone who needs to have some good entertainment at their event or private function. She’s that good!

— Bruce Blythe, Promotions Coordinator, RideNow Powersports Management Group, Phoenix

…Patti is a beautiful, talented comedy hypnotist who has made people around the country laugh uncontrollably and will bring laughter to your event. As president of Sports Specialties in Phoenix I have had Patti at our events and we plan to have her at future events because people just love her.

— Bobby Bush, Sports Specialties

Thank you for your excellent show!

Right from the start you had an unruly crowd to work with. We had gotten our staff worked up prior to your arrival and quite frankly our group is a bit unruly by nature.

Nevertheless, upon introduction you graciously allowed them the necessary freedom to become civilized and as you brought them under your own spell, you masterfully introduced stage hypnosis to them and encouraged full participation from the audience. Your professional background and career-long accomplishments bought validity to this skeptical crowd in a hurry. We couldn’t believe how quickly your subjects were hypnotized and the show was under way.

We initially wanted to bring in a comedian, someone to bring life to our party. In no way, shape, or form could any comedian have had us in the stitches that our own fellow employees and spouses had us in through your hypnotic suggestions.

We appreciate that throughout the whole performance, nothing was done to or against anyone who was under. The comedy was clean and appropriate, your ability to maintain an ample level of entertainment without any lulls in the act was impeccable causing the delivery of the goods to be memorable.
In such a setting amongst friends and colleagues where those handful of willing participants were cast as stars in our own personal comedic drama your performance excited, delighted, and incited many wonderful memories for our video camera’s to capture.

Thanks Pattie!

— James Craddock, Events Coordinator, Phoenix, Arizona

Patti displayed her well-honed skills at Rio Salado College’s “Holiday Humor” event, intended to help employees take a break during the busy holiday season to get some stress management tips, and enjoy a little humor at the same time…enjoyed the experience. We would recommend Patti for employee gatherings.

— Bertha Johnson, Rio Salado College

You had me laughing and we still all talk about it. It was great. Let’s do it again soon…

— Bob Hill, Chandler, Arizona

Pattie was wonderful! She really made the event and I would recommend her to anyone. She was very accommodating to our suggestions and needs. She had us laughing none stop. If you hire Pattie, remember to have a video camera or camera handy because you will defiantly want to capture the moment to reflect on for years to come.

— Lisa P., Phoenix, Arizona

Pattie was a pleasure to work with as she was very responsive and accommodating. Pattie was self sufficient and a very professional entertainer. We were still talking about her performance at the office on Monday. We loved reliving all of the funny things she had our staff doing under hypnosis. As the party planner, I am going to have a difficult time topping this one.

— Derry H., Glendale, Arizona