The Edge – Hardcover

The Mental Side of Sports
The Edge - Hardcover

From author Pattie Freeman, CH.T., MST, an expert in the field of sports mental training and helping athletes achieve their goals, comes The Edge: The Mental Side of Sports, an engaging read that will help athletes and sports enthusiasts reach their dreamed level of excellence.

The Edge: The Mental Side of Sports is an effective book of mental sports training designed for everyone. It can take readers to where they need to go to feel mentally fit and physically capable of achieving their peak performance in sports. It provides them with the right tools and know-how and when to use them in order to excel and enhance their sport. It will help them enhance their concentration and focus, work and play with greater intensity, build their confidence, replace doubt with optimism, reduce anxiety and stress, and achieve tremendous success.

Why not do it right and get the knowledge to get there and be a winner? Through The Edge: The Mental Side of Sports anyone can make their dreams happen in a very surprising way.

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